Peru Dragonflies and Damselflies

Below will be a small collection of dragonfly and damselfly photos from Peru. I made a 2 week trip to Peru in July, 2006, which was mainly a birding trip, but I was able to photograph a number of odonates. I have an index page on odonates from South Africa, as well as my North American Odonate index page which will have all species I have photographed in those locations.

The odonates of most of South America are not as well known as those in the United States, and no general field guides exist for Peru which might help an observer identify them. Therefore I am extremely grateful to several professional odonate experts with experience in South America for making the identifications on this page. My since thanks to John Abbott, Dennis Paulson and Ken Tennessen for their help in this regard. There will be a number of species on this page which have not yet been conclusively identified and I welcome and encourage any comments on those bugs. Also it should be noted that very few odonates of South America have common names, so in those cases I will only list the scientific name when known. When I do know a common name, I will list it.

Note: Within each group of odonates below, the insects are arranged alphabetically by genus and species.


Acanthagrion species?
Aeolagrion inca

Unidentified damselfly #1
Unidentified damselfly #2
Unidentified damselfly #3


Flame-tailed Pondhawk (Erythemis peruviana)
Erythrodiplax attenuata
Erythrodiplax unimaculata
Erythrodiplax species?

Oligoclada species?

Orthemis cultriformis
Orthemis schmidti

Perithemis lais
Perithemis thais

Tropical Skimmer (Uracis imbuta)

Zenithoptera lanei

Unidentified dragonfly #1

Digital Odonate Photography: My Personal Techniques