Robber Flies
Family Asilidae

Below will be a collection of Robber Fly photos. This page was begun in August, 2004, and I will add images as I am able to. My thanks to Giff Beaton, Michael Thomas, Riley Nelson, Eric Fisher, Herschel Raney and Jeff Barnes for helping me learn more about these interesting predatory insects and for making many identifications from my photos.

Note: Within each subfamily of robbers below, the insects are arranged alphabetically by genus and species (where known).

Subfamily Leptogastrinae

Subfamily Dasypogoninae

Cyrtopogon plausor

Diogmites neoternatus
Diogmites platypterus
unknown Diogmites species
Saropogon dispar
Saropogon hypomelas
unknown Saropogon or Stenopogon species

Subfamily Laphriinae

Atomosia puella

Lamyra gulo

Laphria aktis

Laphria astur

Laphria cinerea

Laphria flavicollis

Laphria lata
Laphria macquarti
Laphria saffrana

Laphria sericea

Laphria virginica

Subfamily Laphistiinae

Subfamily Stenopogoninae

Ceraturgus mitchelli

Hadrokolos texanus
Heteropogon currani
Heteropogon patruelis

Holopogon snowi
Mallophora leschenaulti
Mallophora orcina
Microstylum galactodes
Microstylumn morosum
Ospriocerus latipennis
Ospriocerus longulus
unknown Ospriocerus species
Prolepsis tristus

Subfamily Dioctriinae

Subfamily Stichopogoninae

Stichopogon trifasciatus

Subfamily Trigonomiminae


Eccritosia zamon
unknown Efferia species

Efferia albibarbis

unknown Machimus species

Megaphorus acra
Megaphorus pulcher
unknown Megaphorus species
Neoitamus flavofemoratus

unknown Neoitamus species

unknown Ommatius species
Polacantha grossa
unknown Polacantha species
Proctacanthella cacopiloga
unknown Proctacanthus species

Proctacanthus rufus
Promachus albifacies
Promachus bastardii
Promachus hinei
Promachus painteri
Promachus princeps
Triorla interrupta

Subfamily Ommatiinae


any help with identifications appreciated