Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
Tyrannus forficatus
The Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (Tyrannus forficatus) breeds in the south central great plains and grasslands from Kansas southward through Oklahoma and Texas and into northern Mexico. It is a flash bird and a common sight along roadside fence lines in many areas. The shot shown here shows a spring migrant Scissor-tail on a mesquite limb in Kenedy Co., Texas in April, 2000. The image was taken with a Canon EOS 3 and EF 600mm F/4 L IS lens and 1.4X extender on Fuji Velvia. The shot at right that one shows a young Scissor-tail recently fledged. That shot was taken at the same location as above, in June, 2000, with the same gear. The shot directly below this text as well as the horizontal image below the young bird were both taken in April, 2002, also in Kenedy Co., Texas.
The next seven shots at right were all taken during spring and summer, 2006, in Hidalgo Co., Texas with a Canon EOS 1 D Mark II and EF 600mm F/4 L IS lens.
The next three shots at right show a female sitting on a nest incubating four eggs, a male perched near the same nest, and finally a male delivering food to young in this same nest.
The female Scissor-tailed Flycatcher shown here was in Starr Co., Texas in May, 2007. This image was taken with the same gear as above.
The next 13 shots of Scissor-tailed Flycatcher were taken in Austin, Travis Co., Texas, in April, 2008. All these images were taken with a Canon EOS 1D Mark III and EF 600mm F/4 L IS lens. Some shots were with a 1.4X extender and some shots just with the prime lens. The female shown here is preening her back feathers.
I really like this shot. The same female in the above image changed perches, then stretched her wing and spread her tail in a posture not regularly seen.
A nice male in the next 5 images selected several perches allowing some good photo opportunities.
The same male bird in several of the above shots was having a hard time hanging onto his perch on a windy day. In two of the below shots his tail is bent backward by a tail wind.