Flame Skimmer
Libellula saturata
The Flame Skimmer (Libellula saturata) is a common western dragonfly, and a striking creature when you can get a good look at one. The image shown here was shot in July, 1995, in the Sierra Picacho Mountains of Nuevo Leon, Mexico with a Canon T-90 and a Sigma 500 mm F4 lens with a 1.4X extender on Fuji Sensia 100.
The next two images were digital captures in April, 2003, in Travis Co., Texas. The camera was a Canon EOS 10D with an EF 70 - 200 F2.8 L lens and 2X extender.
The female Flame Skimmer on the right was near Bee Cave, Travis Co., Texas, in June, 2004. This shot was taken with a Canon EOS 1D Mark II and an EF 300mm F/4 L IS lens and 2X extender.
This male Flame Skimmer was at a small park known as "The Post" just south of Marathon, Brewster Co., Texas, in September, 2005.
The male Flame Skimmer here was at Chinati Hot Springs, Presidio Co., Texas, in September, 2006.
The male Flame Skimmer shown here was along Bonita Creek, Graham Co., Arizona, in May, 2008. This shot was taken with a Canon EOS 40D and an EF 70-200mm F/2.8 L IS lens and 2X extender.
The next three shots of male Flame Skimmers were taken in Corrales, Sandoval Co., New Mexico, in August, 2011, with a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV and a Sigma 50-500mm lens and Canon 580 flash.
Flame Skimmer
Libellula saturata
Cienega Creek,
Big Bend Ranch State Park,
Presidio Co., Texas
22 August 2013

Flame Skimmer
Libellula saturata
Bonita Creek,
Graham Co., Arizona
29 August 2013