Mediterranean Gecko
Hemidactylus turcicus
The Mediterranean Gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus) is a nocturnal lizard native to the Old World, but now it is quite common in parts of the southeastern United States where it has been introduced. They vary in color from pinkish to yellowish; their skin has small white bumps or warts on it. They can be common around an outdoor light where they forage for insects. They are fairly shy and will scamper away if disturbed. The shots here show a couple of geckos on the side of a house on a warm night in Austin, Travis Co., Texas, in October, 2005. These were shot with a Canon EOS 1D Mark II and EF 300mm F/4 L IS lens and 1.4X extender and 580 flash.
At right is a close-up of the eye of this gecko.
The Mediterranean Gecko on the right was in Dripping Springs, Hays Co., Texas, in July, 2012.