This shot was taken in April, 2000, in Chiapas, Mexico and shows me standing with my friend Innocente Argueta during a bird watching trip I was leading for Victor Emanuel Nature Tours.
This is a shot of Larry Ditto (right) and me at our campsite at Red Rock Lakes N.W.R., near Lakeview, Montana, in June, 2001. We took a month-long photography trip through the west which we both really enjoyed.
I'm standing atop an 800 foot high cliff over the Caribbean on the island of Saba in the Netherlands Antilles in this shot from July, 2001. I was photographing Red-billed Tropicbirds as they investigated nesting sites in the high cliffs. The small island's airport is visible in the photo, barely 1300 feet long with a 100 foot drop-off at each end, just barely longer than an aircraft carrier. Only S.T.O.L. (short takeoff and landing) aircraft can make use this runway and from personal experience, I can testify that landing here is quite a thrill. Photo by Don McGehee.
This is a shot of me sitting on the vertebrae of a whale at Selvik Cove, Antarctica, in January, 2001.
Here is a shot from the Ross Sea in Antarctica in December, 2001. I had been photographing a group of Adelie Penguins when one of my subjects decided to walk over to check me out. Birgit Bateman snapped this shot while the penguin studied my camera equipment and me.
This is a shot of me in January, 2002, at Cooper Bay, South Georgia, in the Southern Atlantic Ocean. I was leading a trip for Victor Emanuel Nature Tours at the time. South Georgia island is one of the world's most spectacular wildlife experiences.
In May, 2004, John Ingram and I were photographing dragonflies in east Texas when a Gray Petaltail decided to land on my arm. John took this shot of me and the petaltail.
Here is a shot of me taken by Giff Beaton as I was stalking Sparkling Jewelwings (a damselfly) along a stream in the mountains of north Georgia in July, 2005. I'm using a Canon EOS 1D Mark II and EF 300mm F/4 L IS lens and 2X extender and 580 flash, my standard dragonfly set up.
The group shot on the right was taken in September, 2005, in the Chinati Mountains, Presidio Co., Texas. Our group was there for several days doing some biological surveys. Back row, left to right, Kelly Bryan, Tony Gallucci, and David Poteet. Front row left to right, Mark Lockwood, John Abbott, and Greg Lasley.
The shot at right was taken in June, 2006, on the Las Colmenas Ranch in Hidalgo Co., Texas. I spent much of April through June, 2006 on this ranch participating in the VLF Photo Contest. I ended up placing 4th overall in the contest. This shot was taken by the ranch owner, Lowry McAllen. Two Harris's Hawks are visible in the background.

The next two shots were taken in June, 2008, in Austin, Travis Co., Texas while a group of five friends were out to photograph dragonflies. In this shot, left to right are: Greg Lasley, Fabrice Delacourt, Giff Beaton, and Ed Lam. The photo was taken by Eric Isley.

This shot shows Fabrice Delacourt, Giff Beaton, Ed Lam and Eric Isley. Photo by Greg Lasley. This was also taken in June, 2008, in Austin, Texas.

The shot on the right was taken in July, 2008, in south central Wyoming. I spied some White-tailed Prairie Dogs at a rest stop along I-80 and I was interested in getting some photos of these animals. Problem was they were more interested in begging from me than posing for photos. The shot was taken by my wife, Cheryl Johnson.

The shot shown here shows me in the northwest corner of the Texas Panhandle in January, 2009. I was on a trip to that area to photograph wintering raptors. My foot is resting on the official survey marker which denotes the spot where Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma meet, so my foot is literally in 3 states at once. Photo by Al Green.

This shot was taken by Mike Murphy and shows me along the Rio Grande in Hidalgo Co., Texas in September, 2009 where we were searching for dragonflies.

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