The photo at right was taken May 1, 1985 at Falcon State Park, Texas. Left to right are: Jim Tucker, me, Victor Emanuel, and Roger Tory Peterson. We were participating in a "Big Day", an effort to see as many bird species as possible during a single calender day. On this day, with the aid of a small aircraft, we saw 244 species in Texas, a record that stood until 2001.
Some people have said that I look as if I am going off to war when I go birding. Perhaps this is true. With camera, tape recorder, binoculars, etc., strapped all over me I am prepared to document anything that flies. This photo was taken in June 1986 in Gomez Farias, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
This is a shot of Victor Emanuel and me in the El Triunfo cloud forest of Chiapas, Mexico in March 1987. The El Triunfo area is home to such spectacular birds as the Horned Guan, Azure-rumped Tanager, and Resplendent Quetzal.
This is another March, 1987, shot from Chiapas, Mexico, along the El Triunfo trail. George Kitzmiller is on the left, then Andy Farnsworth, Greg Lasley, and a lady whose name I cannot recall.
The shot here was taken in August, 1988, at Carlotta Tinaja, in Big Bend National Park. Left to right are: Greg Lambeth, Greg Lasley, Victor Emanuel, Willie Sekula, and John Muldrow. It was probably nearly 110 degrees F and we were seeking shade and a cool dip in the tinaja.

This photo was taken in November, 1989 an an annual Texas Bird Records Committee meeting. Left to right standing are: Chuck Sexton, Keith Arnold, John Arvin, Ted Eubanks, and Warren Pulich. Kneeling are Jim Morgan and me.

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