Spiny Baskettail
Epitheca spinigera
The Spiny Baskettail (Epitheca spinigera) is a baskettail of the northern United States and southern Canada. It may be locally common in some areas. The first 3 images on this page show some hand-held views of male and female Spiny Baskettail including one image of the male appendages illustrating the tiny spine pointing downward from the male's superior appendage from which the species gets its common name. Unfortunately we never saw the species perch so I was not able to get any natural images. These shots were taken with a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV and EF 300mm F/4 L IS lens and 2X extender and Canon 580 flash. The first 2 images show a male while the 3rd image shows a female. These first three images were taken in June, 2010, in Penobscot Co., Maine.