Double-ringed Pennant
Celithemis verna
The Double-ringed Pennant (Celithemis verna) is a small dragonfly species of the southeastern United States. Its range extends north to New Jersey on the east and west to extreme east Texas on the west. This species is not as colorful as some other members of its genus but shows a small wing patch on the inside of the hind wing which may be seen in some of the images below. The first 5 shots of a male Double-ringed Pennant shown here were taken at St. Joe State Park, St. Francois Co., Missouri, in June, 2009, with a Canon EOS 1D Mark III and EF 300mm F/4 l IS lens and 2X extender and 580 flash.
The female Double-ringed Pennant on the right was in the Ouachita National Forest, McCurtain Co., Oklahoma, in May, 2011. This image was taken with a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV and a Sigma 50-500mm lens and Canon 580 flash.