Caribbean Darner
Triacanthagyna caribbea
The Caribbean Darner (Triacanthagyna caribbea) was first discovered for the United States in November, 2007, when Steve Collins photographed one at Santa Ana N.W.R., Hidalgo Co., Texas. The species is known from parts of the Caribbean area as well as parts of Central America. In September, 2008, I was with Dennis Paulson near Willow Lake at Santa Ana N.W.R., when Dennis spied a male Caribbean Darner hanging from an overhead limb. We were able to extensively photograph it. The next day we found another individual, a female, at a different location on the refuge. Yet a day later, Martin Reid and I discovered yet a 3rd individual, a male, at still another location on Santa Ana N.W.R. Clearly, there is a population of this dragon on that refuge. The shots on this page show all 3 individuals I personally saw in September, 2008. Martin and others found more individuals in the days after these shots were taken.
The next 3 shots show a female which was missing its appendages followed by 2 more shots of the 2nd male.