Lesser Antillean Pewee
Contopus latirostris
The Lesser Antillean Pewee (Contopus latirostris) is a small flycatcher of the West Indies. While the new book, A Guide to the Birds of the West Indies by Raffaele et al., splits the Puerto Rican population of this species into the endemic Puerto Rican Pewee (C. portoricenis), the A.O.U. has not yet made this change. This individual was photographed at the Maricao State Forest, Puerto Rico, in July, 1998. A Canon T90 & FD400mm F4.5 lens and Fuji Sensia 100 was used. A Fresnel flash was used since the area where the bird was foraging was quite dark. The photos were shot hand-held with the camera and lens on a BushHawk shoulder mount.