Northern Hawk-Owl
Surnia ulula
The Northern Hawk-Owl (Surnia ulula) is a hunter of the far north and most of its range is in Canada and the Arctic. On some occasions the species moves south into the northern United States to hunt for food, especially during harsh northern winters. The shot at right was taken in June, 1988, near Thompson, Manitoba, Canada. It was shot on Kodachrome 200 film with a Minolta X570 & Vivitar 120-600mm F5.6 lens. The shot at right was taken near Grand Beach, Manitoba, Canada, in November, 1996, with a Canon T90 and Sigma 500mm F4.5 lens with a 1.4X extender on Fuji Sensia. I have not been fortunate enough to photograph a Northern Hawk-Owl since 1996, but I hope to have the opportunity to eventually get better quality images of this species.