Lesser Nighthawk
Chordeiles acutipennis
The Lesser Nighthawk (Chordeiles acutipennis) is a bird of the American Southwest and much of Mexico. It feeds on the wing, usually at dusk or dawn, upon flying insects. It is similar in appearance to a Common Nighthawk, but is a little smaller and the wing patches are further out, closer to the wing tip. The wing tips are slightly less pointed than on a Common Nighthawk. The first 6 shots on this page of Lesser Nighthawks in flight, were taken near Rio Grande City, Starr Co., Texas, in May, 2010, with a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV and an EF 800mm F/5.6 L IS lens.
In this shot, a male Lesser Nighthawk is chasing a female. Note the browner wing patches of the female.