The Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) ranges across much of the United States and Canada, but it is most common in parts of the west. It is a very large, powerful bird with very long wings. In flight it may appear rather small-headed. This species feeds on rodents, rabbits, and other mammals and has been known to take small goats and sheep when the opportunity presents itself. It is a magnificent bird and I am always thrilled to see one. The immature bird in flight in the first seven images on this page was near Muleshoe N.W.R., Bailey Co., Texas, in January, 2011. These shots were taken with a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV and an EF 500mm F/4 L IS lens.
Golden Eagle
Aquila chrysaetos
along U.S. 84
Guadalupe Co., New Mexico
13 January 2015
Lat 35.1729, Lon -105.050243
The bird was tring to dry out from a sleet/snow storm
Golden Eagle
Aquila chrysaetos
N of Gruver,
Hansford Co., Texas
3 January 2016
Lat 36.4083, Lon -101.2769