Clay-colored Thrush
Turdus grayi
The Clay-colored Thrush (Turdus grayi) was previously known as Clay-colored Robin. The bird is a resident of many forest types, gardens, and towns from northern Mexico south to Columbia. It is a fairly rare but quite regular in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas, the only place in the United States where this species occurs. The first two shots here were taken in February, 1990, at Laguna Vista, Cameron Co., Texas, with a Canon T-90 and FD 400mm F/4.5 lens on Kodachrome 200 film. This is probably a first-year bird as it has brown eyes instead of the red eyes of an adult. I hope to add better quality and more recent images of this species when I can.
The Clay-colored Thrush on the right was at the North American Butterfly Center in Mission, Hidalgo Co., Texas in February, 2014.