Acadian Flycatcher
Empidonax virescens
The Acadian Flycatcher (Empidonax virescens) nests in the eastern United States, perhaps most commonly in the southeast. It is a common migrant through coastal Texas in the spring. The bird shown in the first three shots was a migrant at South Padre Island, Cameron Co., Texas, in April, 1997, and was photographed with a Canon T-90 and Sigma 500mm F/4.5 lens on Fuji Sensia.
The next set of 8 images were taken at the exact spot as the three above, but 10 years later! These 8 shots of a migrant Acadian Flycatcher were taken with a Canon EOS 1D Mark II and EF 600mm F/4 L IS lens and 2X extender in May, 2007.