Ivory-striped Sylph
Macrothemis imitans
The Ivory-striped Sylph (Macrothemis imitans) occurs in Mexico and southward into South America, but in the United States it has only been found in about five Texas counties in the south-central part of the state. It is a very small dragonfly, about an inch and a half long. In August, 2003, Brush Freeman, Tony Gallucci and I were working an area along the San Marcos River just west of Luling, Caldwell Co., Texas when we noted an unfamiliar small dragonfly foraging along the edge of the river. The dragon never perched, and remained very active so it was not possible to get wild photos of it. We were successful in netting the critter so I could get some photos for documentation. The two digital shots of this male Ivory-striped Sylph were taken with a Canon D60 and EF 180 mm Macro lens and a ring flash.
The photo at right shows a pair of Ivory-striped Sylphs in copulation. The shot was taken on a rocky ledge on the banks of the San Marcos River in Guadalupe Co., Texas in September, 2003, with a Canon EOS 10D and EF 70-200 mm F/2.8 lens and 2X extender and 550 EX flash.
The Ivory-striped Sylphs in the next 4 shots (one in-hand shot) were along the Medina River just south of San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas, in September, 2008. These shots were taken with a Canon EOS 1D Mark III and EF 300mm F/4 L IS lens with a 580 EX flash.