Hood Mockingbird
Nesomimus macdonaldi
The Hood Mockingbird (Nesomimus macdonaldi) is endemic to Hood Island in the Galapagos. The digital shot shown here was taken there in July, 2003, with a Canon EOS 10D and an EF 70-200 mm F/2.8 L IS lens. These birds are remarkably tame and even land on tourists on a regular basis.
The next 5 images were taken on Hood Island in July, 2007, with a Canon EOS 1D Mark III and EF 100-400mm F/4.5-5.6 L IS lens.
The above shot shows an adult shown here with a juvenile bird.
The next 12 images of Hood Mockingbird were taken in August, 2010, with a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV and a Sigma 50-500mm lens.
The group of Hood Mockingbirds in this shot is investigating an old sea lion carcass.
Hood Mockingbirds are often found in groups and it sometimes seems as if they can be quite quarrelsome. In the next several images a group of several Hood Mockingbirds seemed to get into quite a battle on the beach. I do not think I had ever seen a bird fight quite like this one!
A Hood Mockingbird investigates my tripod.
A Hood Mockingbird singing.
Tourists are not allowed to give water to the wildlife, but the birds relish fresh water when they can get it and obviously recognize what a water bottle looks like.