Schott's Whip Snake
Masticophis schotti
The Schott's Whip Snake (Masticophis schotti) is a resident of the Rio Grande Plains of deep south Texas. It is a non venomous snake which moves extremely fast through the thornbrush habitat in which it lives. The first two images on this page were taken in Starr Co., Texas in April 2007 while I was sitting in a blind to photograph birds. A Schott's Whip Snake came down to a water hole for a drink and I was able to get a few images before it quickly left. These images may actually be of a Ruthven's Whip Snake (Masticophis schotti ruthveni) which is a subspecies of Schott's.
The Harris's Hawk shown here has captured a Schott's or Ruthven's Whipsnake. This image was taken in Hidalgo Co., Texas in June, 2006.