Unknown Baskettail
Epitheca [Tetragoneuria] species
The Unknown Baskettail (Epitheca [Tetragoneuria] species) in the first two images shown here was photographed in the n.e. Texas Panhandle in Hemphill County in April, 2007. Present in the area were several Dot-winged Baskettails (Epitheca [Tetragoneuria] petechialis as well. Although this female baskettail was about the same size as the Dot-wingeds that were in the area, it differed visually in having clear wings as may be seen in the two images. This individual may simply be a clear-winged Dot-winged Baskettail, which occur commonly, or perhaps it is Slender Baskettail (Epitheca costalis). Some members of this genus can be notoriously difficult to ID from photos and I was not able to collect this bug, so a positive ID is not known at this time. Any comments about the ID of this dragonfly are welcomed.
The female baskettail in the next two shots was in Austin, Travis Co., Texas,in March 2011. The "dots" in the leading edge of the hind wing are suggestive of Dot-winged Baskettail (Epitheca petechialis), but the dark maculation at the base of the hind wing is not characteristic of that species. This individual was collected, but even the specimen has not been conclusively identified by Dr. John Abbott at the University of Texas.