Boreal Snaketail
Ophiogomphus colubrinus
The Boreal Snaketail (Ophiogomphus colubrinus) inhabits rapidly flowing clear streams in Canada and the northeastern U.S. The shot of the male shown here was taken on the Englehart River, Timiskaming Co., Ontario, Canada, in July, 2005, with a Canon EOS 1D Mark II and EF 300mm F/4 L IS lens with a 2X extender and 580 EX flash. I sat patiently along the shore of the small river near some rocks and this dragon landed near me several times allowing some good shots.
The next three shots of a female Boreal Snaketail were taken on Plum Creek near Sayner, Vilas Co., Wisconsin, in July, 2011, with a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV and a Sigma 50-500mm lens and Canon 580 flash.