Tropical Parula
Setophaga pitiayumi
The Tropical Parula (Setophaga pitiayumi) is essentially a Mexican species, but it may be found in deep south Texas as well. It is similar in voice, plumage, and behavior to the Northern Parula (Parula americana) but lacks the black on the breast of that species as typically shows only a blackish mask, lacking the white eye-ring or partial eye-ring of Northern Parula. The first 12 shots on this page show a male Tropical Parula in Sarita, Kenedy Co., Texas, in April, 2009. The small white spot under the eye may indicate some Northern Parula genes in this bird's ancestry, or it may simply be individual variation. These images were taken with a Canon EOS 50D and an EF 800mm F/5.6 L IS lens and 580 flash.