Kelp Goose
Chloephaga hybrida
The Kelp Goose (Chloephaga hybrida) is a small goose of southern South America and the Falkland Islands. It inhabits rocky coastlines. The male is white and the female is brown with black and white barring on the underparts. The male bird on the right was photographed on Sea Lion Island in the Falklands in January, 1996, with a Canon T-90 and FD 400mm F/4.5 lens on Fuji Sensia. The female, the next shot, quite different from the male in appearance, was on Bleaker Island, also in the Falklands, in February, 2000. The female was photographed with a Canon EOS 1N and EF 70-200mm F/2.8 L lens on Fuji Provia.