Gentoo Penguin
Pygoscelis papua
Gentoo Penguin (Pygoscelis papua). Several Gentoos on nests and interacting made a nice scene at Neko Harbor on the Antarctic Peninsula in December, 2003. This was a digital shot with a Canon EOS 10D and an EF 70-200 mm F/2.8 L IS lens.
The Gentoos here and in following shots were at Neko Harbor, Antarctica, in January, 1998. At the right one adult gets a little too close to the nest site of another bird. These shots were with a Canon T-90 & FD 100mm F4 Macro lens hand held on Fuji Velvia.
The Gentoo here was photographed at Kinnes Cove, Joinville Island, Antarctica in January, 1999 with a Canon EOS 1N and EF 70-200mm F2.8L lens with fill flash from a tripod. The film was Fuji Velvia. This scenic spot lends itself very well to photography, especially on a bright day.
The next shot was on Peterman Island, Antarctica, in January, 1996. This adult is guarding its young from strong wind and snowfall. The photograph was shot with a Canon T-90 & FD 400mm F4.5 lens on Fuji Sensia 100. The camera and lens were mounted on a Bogen tripod.
This image shows a Gentoo with two large chicks at Damoy Point, Antarctica, in January, 2003.
This shot shows a mating pair of Gentoos at Neko Harbor in December, 2003.
This shot and the next two at right were taken at Port Lockroy on the Antarctic Peninsula, in January, 2002, with a Canon EOS 1V and EF 70-200 F/2.8 L lens on Fuji Velvia.
The shot with the chick on the nest is pretty graphic, but illustrates how the interior of the nest is kept relatively clean by the methods of waste elimination of the youngsters.