Greg Lasley 2010s
The old geezer with the white beard in the next 2 images is yours truly at Aransas N.W.R., Aransas Co., Texas, in February, 2010, while a group of us was aboard a small boat photographing Whooping Cranes. Thanks to Rusty Jackson for letting me use these two shots he took of me.
Another shot taken while I was photographing Whooping Cranes.
The shot shown here shows Chuck Sexton (right) with me in the northwest corner of the Texas Panhandle in January, 2011. We were on a trip to that area to photograph wintering raptors. The metal post is the official survey marker which denotes the spot where Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma meet, so Chuck is in Oklahoma and I am in Texas. If I had taken one step to my left, I would have been in New Mexico. See the next image for the top of this marker.
The photo on the right shows the top of the survey marker post which is shown in the previous image. The Texas line runs east to west while the line dividing Oklahoma and New Mexico intersects the Texas line from the north. North is to the top of this image. Chuck Sexton took this shot at the same time the previous image was taken.