This web site is devoted to a variety of nature photography subjects. Actually, I am trying to do two things with this site. First, I am displaying wildlife images for photography's sake, with an eye toward marketing my work. Secondly, I have a number of images posted which will mainly be of interest to birders and other naturalists. I hope I can succeed on both counts. Most of the images presented here are of birds, but dragonflies and damselflies, some mammals, some reptiles and amphibians, butterflies and other subjects are displayed as well. Enter the photo galleries by clicking on one of the image links. I regularly sell photo use to various publications, web sites, etc. If interested, please read my image use page here. Only a small fraction of my available stock photography is displayed on this web site, so if you have a need for other species, please contact me. I may be able to fill your requests.

All photographs are by Greg Lasley unless otherwise stated. All of the images are copyright-protected and have been digitally watermarked. Their display here in no way implies consent for any form of distribution or reuse. Please refer to my page on copyright and image use information here. Thanks!

All images are for your viewing enjoyment or for potential clients to examine my work. The images on this web site may not be used or published elsewhere without the permission of the photographer.

The Greg Lasley Nature Photography Website was originally created in November, 1998. This version, designed by James Giroux, was launched in December, 2010.

Last updated: 11/30/2018